2 thoughts on “About

  1. that’s your “about” pix — hahaha — I always loved your “Princess Amidala” lipstick!

    (is she related to Princess Amygdala?

    Oh, and hey, when did you get this awesome new blog look? I don’t recall any big announcement?

    Anyway, it does look great… are you happy with it?

  2. /me knocks gently on your forehead… hello? You suggested I try this new theme remember? *giggle*. I like it yep, only thing is, if my browser forgets to log me in automagically, The only place I find the “login” link is in “About” (which is how I stumbled upon your comment lol) I have not yet seen Queen Amidala lipstick in SL, I really should learn how to make tattoo layers and do that.

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