conversation #1

These are simply wonderful portraits. The model and photographer have created images with sublime beauty.

Brendan Gara Photography

ArielM6SonnarPorta11I got the chance to shoot a series of portraits the other month with the singer- songwriter Ariel. Portraits are an interesting process as I always have preconceived ideas of what or how the finished photos will look after seeing photographs before, and then generally speaking they are very different after shooting, processing and then editing. That’s almost entirely due to talking to the person in question whilst shooting.

Your initial thoughts are important, but they only act as the vaguest of supports when you actually start shooting. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s a good way to work; it adds an element of uncertainty multiplied by the lack of instant digital feedback that is to the say the least invigorating. The big mamiya 7 performing in a situation it shouldn’t, so sharp, but oh those big creamy negatives, and then that soft but sharp sonnar just dripping character.

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