Cheyenne 2048

Here’s the do-over!


14 thoughts on “Cheyenne

    • Is the jpeg saved in CMYK format? Internet Explorer can’t show those. or perhaps, if you use links like I do, the URL isn’t right. Sometimes I copy a URL, post if on WP then change the name of the photo on flickr and they no longer matchup, so I get an X Hope this helps!

  1. Hmmm maybe WP is still chewing on it, when I click the ? in the small box up there I can see it. I guess maybe if after a while it’s still borked, I’ll upload a reduced version

  2. Cao, it’s a .PNG, I use those mostly unless the render has an alpha background which I don’t want to add my own to. It’s an embedded file not a link and I just dropped it to 2048 and 72 ppi. I guess WP dinna like 300 it still shows me a ? on my main page though

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