Sense of Community… NOT!

Here comes a rant so brace your self.

I was in OS Grid today at my favorite sandbox fooling around with meshes that I’ve been making. In the distance my radar picks up an avatar with a recent rez date. Usually I like to go over and say hello to new people, introduce myself, see if they need any help or whatever. Not in a pushy, annoying way but just friendly right.

Well, this person’s profile really pissed me off. In so many words, she said she was from SL, ONLY comes to OS Grid to work and if you wanna talk to her, do it on Second Life. I don’t have anything against someone using OS Grid to build, test, and eventually export their creations to SL or anywhere else to make a profit. And yes I understand that when building, people like to concentrate on what they’re doing and not be bothered. But seriously is it necessary to be so nasty and antisocial? So you come here to use all the free resources but you don’t give a shit about anyone else?

OS Grid used to be and for the most part still is a friendly community of extremely talented builders, scripters and just people who enjoy virtual worlds. The unofficial motto was “sharing is caring” and so many folks have shared with me and I return the favor when I have something valuable to contribute.

So with LL’s draconian, etched in granite new TOS I am sure we’ll be seeing more peeps coming over from that grid. I sure hope they all don’t have that same “leave me the fuck alone, get lost” attitude.


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