Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background

I found this link to Ash’s Guide on Ironyca’s “Ironyca Stood in the Fire” blog. Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality

It is a fascinating guide for creating a role-play character with tables of various personality traits and a downloadable character sheet to help with creating a character. Neat idea.

On the “character samples” page, I found the “Happy Rogue” and instantly recognized a character very close to my own!

“This female is a real character; she wants nothing more than to enjoy life. She is a naturally playful and happy person, and not much gets her down for long. Her world is a fun place—she is not naive, but rather chooses to see the humorous in things. Although more or less trustworthy, she isn’t very industrious or dependable. In part, this is because she is flighty and easily distracted. Although not reckless, she is no coward and gets a thrill out of danger. She’s very easygoing about things and comes across as genuinely warm, charming, and friendly, which happens often since she deeply enjoys personal interaction (which she does with a lot of laughing, flirting, physical touching, and eye contact). As much as she likes to talk and laugh with others, she is actually very closed about her internal world and background, and she always finds a slippery way to change that subject. Cultural norms don’t play an important role for her, except that she enjoys breaking them—not because she enjoys chaos, but simply because she thinks most rules are uselessly restrictive. This is one reason why she frequently engages in pranks and practical jokes, to shake things up and “punish” people who are too serious.
She is a very erotic creature, largely because she finds flirting and sex to be fun. She can be brazen in her sexual expression, although she knows when to turn it off. Her advances tend to be crude, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t picky. She can also be true to one person…just not for very long, since she will eventually be distracted by someone new.
She also has no real interest in religion. She is completely tolerant of other beliefs, but has no patience for people who try to force their morality on her. In cases when religion plays a restrictive role, she will become highly irreverent and even downright offensive.
This rogue loves to talk about things that are fun and entertaining; she especially enjoys telling tales of her past exploits, which she tends to exaggerate into tall tales over time. She will also go out of her way to enjoy a local theatre show, musical performance, or party. She tends to chew on things, like straw or grass, and on occasion will partake of a special mushroom that induces an altered state of mind.”



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