Well, well, well!  So I CAN still post to this dog and pony show! Moni dear you really have to stop scribbling your precious passwords on Post-Its and sticking them on the side of the monitor 😛



5 thoughts on “Shhhhh!

      • OMG tell me about it.

        I tried to suggest a new wordpress theme for her and now I think she’s not speaking to me! 😛

        haha — did you see my Brian Feldman / Hannah Miller post & comments? This must be my week for foot in large mouthed pissing peeps off! 😛

  1. oh mah gawd! I just read the post and their comments. I think you and Moni have a lot in common that way hahaha. Not at all on a par with your escapade but she read a re-tweet of Code Warrior’s about Jersey Shore which she thought he meant that Tony Soprano should put a hit on the real people there lol. SO in her best “don’t be shy” manner she lets them all know that Jersey Shore is actually the name of a small town in Pennsylvania (true that), completely and charmingly naive in her misunderstanding that they were joking about some dumb-ass “reality TV” show called Jersey Shore!

    And I ain’t ever gonna let her live that one down lol. 😛

    • aww… not knowing about the Jersey Shore “Reality TV” show is something to be PROUD of, not embarrassed by! 😛

      PS: what happened to her rabid-fire Gatling gun of photos? She’s been silent for days. Nobody authorized a vacation!? 😛

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