Because I Got Bored


My goal was to do a fashion type post about Paris Metro and a few of their absolutely gorgeous outfits and I will do that at some point soon. But after crashing and lagging and all trying to set up shots with shadows turned on (and by the way, at this point in time the ONLY viewer which will do shadows on my iMac is the SL Viewer 3!), I got bored and started to Photoshop the 5 pics I successfully took in an hour’s time.

So I got crazy carried away with this one 🙂



11 thoughts on “Because I Got Bored

  1. crazy, no.
    carried away, no.
    way awesome, yes!

    The only thing I wish I could “change” is the “blown out” (overexposed, loss of detail) on… oh gawd… YOUR CHEST! Geez, like you really have to call attention to THAT??? Like your legions of fans weren’t already staring anyway?

    Seriously though, the boobs are a little hot (OMG, YES, I am using “hot” in the technical, photographic sense!) but anyway, the rest is fantastic!! The sort of selenium / reddish tone is fantastic. The B&W reveals glorious tonality. And it’s a really nice pose actually. I love your strong eye gaze off the frame, it takes us there, to the mirror or whatever it might be, and creates an animation / action beyond the frame.


    • I so agree about the “hot” boobs! I am trying to get the hang of adjustment masking and if you look even closer I screwed up my skin with blotches. I don’t know where the hell my burn tool got to. I need to go back and “burn” my boobs lol.

      Thanks a bunch for liking it and the great comments!

      Oh and those Paris Metro designs are fabulous. I read about PM and Santorini Island on somebody’s blog, maybe it was Lizzy. I don’t know if they make any mesh stuff but the sculpties are sweet.

  2. oh wow, your “bra burning” exercise really worked out. Did you have a facelight on? They’re often the source of “hot boobs”. Sometimes it’s better not to use one and lift face tones in photoshop… or if you do use one… I think it’s better to make your own and keep it very mild…

    As far as I know there’s no way to “flag” or “scrim” a facelight off your boobs, but you can play with the settings… you can sometimes move it higher up, which might be good or might not be the best on your face… or you can also move it really close to your face and then make Radius or Falloff really High or Low (I forget which setting it is, but you get the idea… light just on your face but already decayed by the distance of your chest)

    I’ve never been to Paris Metro… it’s a fantastic looking outfit! 🙂

  3. Nope no facelight. I rarely wear them. I will use them as quick and dirty fills sometimes with dark Windlights but not here. I don’t have a Wacom tablet yet so all my work I am using the mouse which really sucks especially when I haven’t had a vodka to steady my hand 😛

    • and then sometimes your boobs can come out hot because they’re, like, pointing up to the “sun” and your face isn’t… hahah… so maybe it’s the opposite, you do NEED a facelight! 😛

      Anyway, I’ve had the same thing on many pix… I actually found it sort of embarrassing like I was trying to make some big point. Fortunately for us all, EMBARRASSED is not IN Moni’s emotional vocabulary! (gawd, hope this never happens to poor you-know-who! 🙂

  4. Hey, not that you asked… and not that it’s any of my business… but now that we’ve, you know, fixed your chest… can we work on your wordpress?

    What do you think of a theme like Triton Lite?

    it’s a free theme and it’d let peeps see a bunch of images on your home page (with cool mouseover effects) and then they can click to see bigger pix / leave comments.

    and it does come in a black background option if you prefer:

  5. Guess what? You were right! So I was dancing and playing with Windlight and I see this light on me and I’m like “where is that chick with the damn facelight?” Well lo and behold, it turns out the bangle bracelets on this outfit have LIGHT! Luckily it was mod, so I edited it and shut it off. So I WAS actually wearing a light and that’s what screwed up the photo sheesh,

    • oh gawd, not the old, “my boobs were blown out by bracelet bulbs” — how many times have I heard THAT ONE! 😛

      Aww, and look how fancy the way it alternates B & W in the comments! 🙂

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