Semper Vigilans

Like we really need one more thing to be vigilant about to avoid being taken advantage of!

Because I created my own group a very long time ago, I was dimly aware of something called Group Liability but honestly it’s not one of those things that keep me awake at night. But earlier today I logged in and noticed I had L$1 less than I had yesterday. Hmmm I asked myself: hey dummy did you accidentally “buy” one of those friggin annoying L$1 “freebies”? Later while on a photo shoot, group chat fires up for a group I recently joined. First was from the group owner announcing some new release or other, the next person asked “why is this group charging L$1 group liability?”


Well the resulting flame war was between the two basic factions that appear to exist anymore, the ones who expect to be treated a tiny bit fairly and not have their accounts pilfered like this and the others who make comments like “Oh for shit’s sake, it’s only L$1!” Um yeah so is the argument that L$ are worthless or insignificant? If that’s the case why are so many in hot pursuit of getting as many of them into their pockets as they can? Last time I looked, nobody was tossing free L$ my way.

For many new folks that may only have L$20 or even L$0 to their names, one IS a very very big deal!  On top of that, some folks have ended up with negative balances as a result. How does that work? Do they send you to virtual debtors’ prison?

Anyway my points are: Check the group roles before you join any group even if there is no cost to join, review your current groups and if group liability is checked, take whatever action suits you. All this of course could be quite easily avoided if LL would make the default for Group Liability opt-in instead of opt-out. /facepalm

One more on my list of shit to do.

Semper Vigilans Boo-Rah!


4 thoughts on “Semper Vigilans

    • Oh! surveys! yeah like the one my new “resident” got from LL where when you attempt to scroll forward (having not answered any on the first page) to see what other questions they are asking, it says tyvm for filling out our survey, closes it and tells you you already completed the survey LOOOOL

      • yeah… kind of like that…

        Actually the one I was referring to is some grid-wide phishing spam. Some jerk is trying to PWN you!

        And can I just say, someone else may have already pointed this out already, but just in case no one has, that “Resident” is a monumentally dumb last name.

  1. Jerks trying to PWN me pffft! Bring it baby 😀 Oh yeah I saw those phishing ones also. I heard another rumor that they might return to selecting unique last names. Of course I wager those stuck with the “Resident” moniker will not be given the opportunity.

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