Caverna Obscura . . fantasy creations by Elvina Ewing

Now you can get a petite sized mesh avatar FOR FREE! ^^ At Caverna Obscura of course! 😛

So what’s the dealio? Last week we had a conversation in Caverna Obscura V.I.P. group chat where girls were complaining that they cannot afford Petite mesh avatars… I thought it can’t be too hard to make a mini sized avatar for them as an alternative… Another reason why i made this: since new Caverna Obscura mesh outfits were released last week, i got many requests to make them fit for Petites… Which i can’t do! I need to have a model of Petite body in my 3D modeling software to make mesh clothes that would fit. Which i obviously don’t have, because it was made by Yabu. Now that i have my own mini-sized avatar, i can make mesh outfits for it. ^^

Important thing should be mentioned: Minikin avatars are NOT…

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