Hopping Off

Possibly the most awkward moments for me (not counting being caught in flagrante delicto by the “wife” of the guy you are with) is the “hopping off” of dance balls. You look at your partner, he/she looks at you and neither wants to go first. Or worse one of you crashes because then the one left behind looks dumb dancing or performing solo whatever animation you kids were doing 😛

But sometimes it can give you a serendipitous pose to photograph that I doubt are available on the Marketplace at any price lol! I thought these were cute but I almost look like I’m hurling myself backwards over the railings to my untimely demise.



8 thoughts on “Hopping Off

  1. hahaha — what a provocative title — ha — a provocative title from YOU???

    What a GREAT IDEA though… can we have a WHOLE FLICKR GROUP of “Hopping Off” pix!??? So awesome!!

    Also, in the post, you wrote,
    “(not counting being caught in flagrante delicto with the “wife” of the guy you are with)”

    did you mean BY the wife? or did you actually mean WITH the wife?

    I’m sure it will register on the kink meter either way… just checking…

    AND… Did you see Botgirl’s guest post on I Rez? Oooh… ahhhh… sure would be nice if you popped by and dropped a comment! 🙂

    have a lovely weeek!

      • hahaha, the “WITH” really just added to your whole salacious vibe…

        did someone say “salacious”?

        I’m certain it WAS NOT me! Please take your filthy insinuations ELSEWHERE!

      • I read once about somebody named Freud who evidently thought that what slipped out of your mouth was more significant than…. oh darn that sounds “salacious” too grrrrr

      • you are bad, bad, bad. How you can say stuff like that and then have the nerve to complain about slimy dudes on the London SIM that want to hump your leg is beyond me!

        Anyway, Freud was just one of Penny’ alts. You DO REMEMBER Penny, don’t you? Yeah, I think she was just trying to, uh, “jerk your chain”

        You really should make nice with her and get all that baggage in the past. SO MUCH DRAMA!

  2. Provocative? moi? *smiles wryly*. Yes well I will tell you a little story in person about in flagrante delicto lol. I DO think a Hopping Off themed Flickr or other group is a real cool idea! I’d love to see what others will come up with 🙂

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