Bring It Baby

When I am not at my day job as a lovable, scatter-brained avatar, I kick ass and take names as a Draenei Death Knight.



4 thoughts on “Bring It Baby

    • Hey thanks for my 10th “like”! You are also likely my only reader 😛

      It would be cool to make an av like this. I searched around a little one time to see if anybody had them for sale, but didn’t find any.

      sorry to correct you but a gamer would say “You’d PWN the place!!!” lol

      • PWN – OMG – hahaha — have you ever set Facebook to leetspeak? One of my TA’s uses it that way all the time. I tried it for a while, but I had no idea what I was reading.

        It’s in the FB language settings. It doesn’t change what peeps post on your page, just the text bits that are from FB. Probably a good way to learn leetspeak, but drove me a little batty! 😛

        IDK if SL has “WoW” avatars… but I’m sure there must be “warrior class” types around.

        Aww, I’m sure I’m not your “only reader”! 😛

        Of course if you wanted a few more eyeballs… you could always AHEM… make a guest appearance on I Rez… you are, after all, “already a member” 😛

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