The Mesh Experiments Continue…


13 thoughts on “The Mesh Experiments Continue…

    • I’m thinking first get the poor dear some skin and hair textures! I also want to rig her and try wearing her. So much to learn. I can even see using the mesh to make a “tiny” wearable av.

      The mind reels lol

  1. Yep. All texturing needs to be done externally. You can (and I did in these pics) texture with a broad brush inworld but doing skin requires a separate process. Stay tuned!

  2. I don’t even want to think about how much LL will charge me to upload this mesh! It has over 135K triangles and over 270K vertices, and she’s the equivalent of 63 or so prims lol

    • Oh… is that not SL? Did you upload to another grid? So anyway, then to texture you can “slap 1 on” in-world… or do more complex work outside.

      Obviously for fancy architecture you’d want many textures, so I guess you have to do EVERYTHING outside, and just PLOP it in-world. haha, I must learn 3DSM or Maya one day… of course I also want to do some AR stuff even more urgently… uggh… so many polygons… so little time!! O_o

  3. I’ve been doing all these in OS Grid. There’s no way I can afford to pay the upload “taxes” while I am learning and experimenting, but if I manage to come up with a rigged, wearable, textured mesh eventually I’ll splurge lol.

  4. Actually OSG had mesh running live even before SL did and yes same spec.

    From what I heard at Builder’s Brewery, LL charges a higher rate than 10L$ and has some algorithm that calculates the “load” on their woefully underpowered servers and factors that into the “tax”.

    I feel certain that they are ear-marking the income from mesh uploads to get better hardware 😛

    I have real issues with them taking any of my money for “my creations”, it gets my Irish up when I think that they have the audacity to leech off of the very people who created that world. I suppose if I was a successful businesswoman I could rationalize it as being a cost of doing business and recoup it with my pricing but I’ve never made a single linden there so…

    • well, speaking only for myself… I’ve never made a single L$ either and I specifically don’t want to. But whether LL is a for profit, or even if they were a non-profit, they still have lots of expenses to pay. At a place like Facebook, the service is free, which makes us not the CUSTOMER, but the PRODUCT, and we are sold to the REAL CUSTOMERS, the marketers.

      By charging for stuff, like uploads of textures, mesh, animations, sounds or partner proposals, or making groups, or of course, land, that makes the users the actual customers. Sure, sure, we can complain about lots of stuff they do, customers complain all the time, and rightly so, but anyway, I don’t mind paying for online stuff, even to LL. Actually, whatever I pay to LL, I tend, overall at least, to get a lot of use out of. My cell phone costs me a fortune and I barely use it — now THAT is a ripoff! :))

  5. It just dawned on me that I could try uploading it on their beta grid. IDK if they do actual cost calculations there for uploads, but if it’s close then I’d know how deep to dig for if I ever do it on the live grid.

    I admit I am a hypocrite, although I always feel “dirty” and dumb when I pay actual real money for clothes, hair or whatever other impulse buy I make by convincing myself that even though it’s not actually mine it’s ok 😦 But paying them for something that really IS mine so I (and they) can have it in their world gets to me. “rant over” lol

    • I’m not clear on the “old” vs “newer” ownership stuff… as I sort of hear it, LL originally said you DID own everything you created… and then later fudged it. That is unfortunate. Still, I’m not that likely to move SL creations to “Red Venus” or whatever comes next anyway (gawd, if ANYTHING ever comes next! 😛

      Anyway, their import/export is crippled compared to other grids:

      A lot of people think spending “real” money on “fake” goods is… well… one of my cousins once said… he didn’t actually cuss, but I feel that translating his comment into “the French language” will better express his emotion… he said that spending real money on fake goods was “Fucking Insane”

      I really disagree.

      I think if I buy a “physical” t-shirt, wear it for an hour, hang out with friends… or if I buy a “virtual” t-shirt, wear it for an hour, hang out with friends… what’s the difference? Either way I wore a shirt for an hour. Either way some of my friends got to see it. Maybe they though I was cool for wearing it… or maybe they thought I was a dolt for wearing it… or maybe they didn’t pay that much attention to what I was wearing… but regardless, either way I still bought a shirt and spent an hour of my “real” life wearing it.

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