Digital Detritus

Honestly I don’t intentionally try to take up so much space, it just sorta happens that way. I’m embarrassed to admit that my inventory is huge and I have filled over half of my 1 TB drive with junk. I am going through it all and ruthlessly expunging as much as I can. These are just a few examples of junk photos I’ve shot.


5 thoughts on “Digital Detritus

    • *smiles* it’s that fine line ya know…
      I guess I’m going to have to hop on Amazon and buy a truckload of DVDs but sheesh then where do I put them?

      • Nooooo 2 DVD’s! Physical media is OVER!

        If it were just little ‘ol humble meeee… I’d either dump them to maybe Flickr (SmugMug, 500px, PhotoBucket, whatever)

        and/or, like hop on Amazon and buy a bigger HD! Or multiple. Of course then you have to have more than 1 HD copy of anything you really want to keep.

        But overally HD’s are pretty cheap so that’s reasonable.

        And Flickr, I haven’t really tested, but it seems like their compression is rather modest and it could be your repository. A year of Flickr “pro” costs less than 2 months of WoW, and it gives you unlimited pix plus unlimited categories to sort them in.

        Of course, if you actually uploaded everything there and deleted from your HD, then you’d be banking that they don’t find some reason to nix your account… but you “should” be fairly safe there… do try to keep your favs on your HD or maybe DropBox…

  1. Yup, yup. My AppleTime Machine currently has 500 GB for backups, but additional drives can be added so maybe I will sell my body to science and get a terabyte or two hehe.

    Still, there’s this somehow reassuring feeling I get knowing my bits are tucked away on a non-electromechanical medium where unless I drop a cigarette cherry on it, they will exist forever 😛

    • Time Machine?? What? What? IDK about all that Apple stuff… OMG… but I saw an iPad3 on Saturday… hahaha… and now I crave one… all that advertising about how sharp the display is… ACTUALLY True! It’s amazing! Ms. Vainty Sez: the blawg looks SO good on it! 😛

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