What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

My stock answer whenever an adult asked me that was “I don’t want to nor do I intend to grow up!” As you can perhaps surmise, I spent a lot of my childhood in time-out. Well actually in my day we didn’t have “time-out” but I’ll spare you the corporal punishment scenes this time.

When puberty assaulted me, I spent a lot of time crying, looking in the mirror pleading with nature to not make me grow up. We all know how that turned out.

So, the only point of today’s post is that children just naturally accept things that we adults feel compelled to analyze, dissect, investigate and “understand” even when that may not really be in our best interest. It seems that youngsters have the wonderful ability to just accept “what is”. Kids don’t ask who wrote their bedtime stories, who drew their favorite cartoon or who is the actor playing their favorite movie hero.  That comes much much later, when they are Adults.


6 thoughts on “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

    • OMG, that mesh thingy you’re wearing is SO great! Fantastic!

      Anyway, IN MY DAY, when invited to do guest posts on other peeps blogs, nice girls always said, “Yes ma’am, right away!” And wrote short but sweet pieces about virtual identity or the strangeness of social networks or other such things.

      Did they do it out of a compulsion to be seen? Politeness? Just to shut the person up? Who knows! It remains a mystery!

      • Hair, shoes and awesome turtleneck sweater dress (in wine color), all mesh baby! The dress is one of my faves and it’s from Chain and Vine, if memory serves me, it costs only L$75 or so.

        I need to mention that I shot that photo at a dear friend of mine’s exhibit at Pirats. He is LarZ Rajal, a very sweet and talented person I first met at Not Too Hot blues club back in the day.

        Hmmm, about “pieces about virtual identity or the strangeness of social networks or other such things”, I’m trying to stay out of the fray because I keep getting upset. It seems the entire world has suddenly become “reality” crazed, people are overjoyed at installing and implementing Vivox, posting photos of their real selves, going to conventions, getting married and on and on. I’m starting to think that avatars have become irrelevant. Why not just do away with them altogether and sit in front of webcams, microphones or rent hotel rooms to all get together in the flesh?

        I’m also trying to figure out how to do my posts as Moni (because I’m THAT special :P) and noone else.

        That’s what’s been bugging me the past couple of weeks and I am still (mostly) laying low, trying to churn through it all in my head and figure stuff out.

  1. Certainly I am not the arbiter of how a platform like a Virtual World “should” be used. OK, I AM, but only in my own mind. So if peeps want to use it for Art or Education or Play or Business or Dating or anything else… really… every use is as valid as every other.

    At least some of the traffic you’re referring to is dating-ish. By dating-ish I mean that some peeps specifically want to date in some sense, and others aren’t necessarily interested in that but they still like to flirt or “notice” gender. That’s all fine, but to me, the not-so-humble-non-arbiter-of-anything, I think if you want to date you’d have a much better experience at Match.com or OKCupid, etc, rather than looking at avatars/cartoons and hoping the one you like looks something like that IRL and doesn’t live too far from your continent.

    As for whether knowing the “real” (hahaha) you makes the relationship Better, Worse or The Same… you recently commented on a long thread where peeps expressed many different opinions on that. Again, everyone’s point has some truth… especially for the individual themselves. Yes, you might know the “whole person” or something like that, better…

    But to take me for example… when you look at my avatar you see a smokin hot, perfect, 16-year-old. If we did voice you’d know “more,” but would hearing my low, raspy, emphysema-ridden voice as I shout at my daughter in the background, “aww shut up ya little shit, and bring me my cigarettes!” really “enhance” the me I’m focusing on being in that world?

    Think of all the RL hats you wear… would it be better if you mixed them up? or “shared” them? Did boardroom stuff in the bedroom and visa versa? So if you come into the world as a academic and you want to say, RL I’m professor so-and-so, and this is my avatar la-de-dah, then great. Maybe, as you say, you don’t even need la-de-dah. But if you’re going to create a coherent persona, if you’re going to “RP” it… then why the RL? And I think a lot of peeps think RP means you’re going to play Star Wars or Gor or some “scripted” scenario… but obviously some of us are not following an RP “SIM” but are simply creating an organic presence that should be able to stand on its own. You would know more about my typist if you knew more about her biological mother… but she’d get pretty bored talking to you at a party if you kept asking questions about her parents… I’m standing right in front of you… what more do you want?

  2. Exactly! Now see i could not have expressed that so succinctly or coherently 🙂 And yes I fully understand and respect those who do this stuff for those reasons. My comments about it are just my way of saying I’m not here for that or something idk. But I start to feel like I’m the weirdo which I never have felt before. I’ve mostly encountered like minded souls in the virtual worlds in the past and it seems the winds have shifted or at least my perception of them has.

    Your point about RP touches on something I find intriguing and that is an avatar that’s RP’ed for starters then engages in RP in a more structured scene such as a sim. How deep does it go I wonder? (rhetorical more than an actual question)

    Oh well, imma just try to be who I have been and love being ( a smokin hot, perfect, supple sensuous leather lovin, 22-year-old! LOL ) and not take shit so seriously from now on. Can I bum one of yer smokes?

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