I Want to Climb the Garden Walls

Second Life ® is truly a wonderful place at times. When I’m not in a bitchy mood about lag, textures not rezzing, viewers that suck, TPs that drop you to the bottom of a sim with no escape route and blah blah blah, I reflect on how much it offers people to create and experience their own personal virtual life in amazing ways.

But take a look at that little ® symbol. To me, that is where the problem begins and ends. I rezzed in that world on March 21, 2009. About two months later I was searching for alternative worlds and discovered OS Grid through a blog post by Bettina Tizzy. I realized early on that Second Life ® is a “walled garden” (with plenty of weeds at times) and by it’s very nature limits the evolution of virtual worlds that I and others want so desperately to experience. Since that time, I have created my virtual self in Friends Hangout, Inworldz, Blue Mars, Meta7, IMVU, Rezzable’s Alpha Grid and others I’m sure I’ve forgotten about. But open-source or not, for profit or non-profit, they all had that “walled in” feeling to me.

Everywhere I look, I see tantalizing threads, technologies, concepts, visions and possibilities that if they could just be integrated, coalesced somehow by people of vision and creativity, I feel certain that wonderful virtual places could exist that might have fences instead of walls or better yet no boundaries at all.

How cool would it be to be able to create one’s own state of the art, high polygon mesh avatar, with as much realism on materials as you desire and journey everywhere in the metaverse as “you”. Not to mention the fact that you would “own” your virtual self, have total control over where your data is stored, how often it is backed up and to what medium.

I don’t know yet where I’m going with these ideas, but I wanted to do a short post and maybe get comments because I find ideas and feedback from others so much preferable to writing in a vacuum 🙂


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