Naughty Bits

So my initial plan was to upload a couple of videos here on WordPress of my WoW avatar drowning because I want to work on a project to create a similar animation in Poser and wanted a friend’s feedback and suggestions. Well, it turns out that you need to pay around $60 a year to upload videos here, so I thought “hey I know! I’ll upload them to Flickr”.

Hahaha, I got a message when I tried uploading them that I believe was telling me that my account was rated as “UNSAFE” due to some photos of avatars that I uploaded in April that contained nudity and so I was not allowed to upload videos until my account had been “reviewed”.

I thought I had squared all that away weeks ago, but guess not. I didn’t feel like burning any more brain cells on trying to rate them (likely I would get it wrong anyway and run further afoul of community standards) so I deleted the whole bunch. I then asked for a “re-review” of my account by the powers that be. Don’t know how long that will take but maybe eventually I can upload my dumb little videos of a drowning Mage!

Sheesh, some people sure do get their panties in a twist about pictures showing cartoon reproductive apparatus. 😛


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