Learning Poser

Well I am trying to learn Poser. I created these renders of a model named Ardyn that I purchased a while ago from a very talented artist called Rebel Mommy on the Renderosity web site. I have a lot to learn but I felt these pics came out nicely.


4 thoughts on “Learning Poser

  1. Very nice. “To me” it doesn’t look quite as like you as the EOL pieces do, but it’s in the neighborhood. Will you use Poser for poses / animations? Or are you mostly interested in face production?

    I really love taking my Poser renders into photoshop and doing a BW Conversion / Infrared Setting on them – really accentuates “my” freckles and the overall contrast of the image.

    Here’s a few:

    Keep up the nice work! 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂 Back in the day when I used to do film photography, I really enjoyed doing portraits most of all. I just have this thing about faces I guess. And yes! I actually did edit a couple of these in B/W and I will upload them later today (after midnight atm). Also in my film days, I would mostly use a red filter when shooting B/W portraits and infrared film is awesome for rendering human skin.

      Alas, my Nikons are all asleep in their cases 😦 I haven’t used them in years. Maybe someday, I’ll blow the dust out of them but does anybody even process film anymore? Hahaha.

    • Oh and I did make one attempt before I did these at doing animations in Poser. I downloaded the SL avatars and made a 2 frame static pose where I just moved one arm a bit. I decided to try it out in OSGrid because uploads are free as you know, and the arm did move but then moved right back again so I guess I need to learn more about how that whole process works.

      AND…..do YOU have any EOL photos to show us? Hmmm?

      Lol, take care and see ya soon

  2. I haven’t signed up for EOL yet…

    Yes you can still process film… but break the piggy bank and buy a digital camera. Or just do SL — free camera — with thousands in great lenses — like 12mm to 2,000mm!

    Did you click loop on your animation when you uploaded. Also in Phoenix, you can preview it on your actual avatar for free, and then just upload if you want it.

    And did the last frame of your animation “go with” the first… I’ve mostly done static poses, like for our performances… I know there can be some weirdness when it “interpolates” animation / keyframes…

    Maybe Builder’s Brewery or somebody can do a Poser class…

    I actually don’t work the SL avatars… I just use the one I like for nice pix… and then tweak it a few times to fit whatever avatar I’m using it for…

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