The Many Faces of EVE Online

Last week at Dorothea and JayMaze’s Friday party in OS Grid, the conversation turned to WoW. There were a couple folks there who told us of a game they play called EVE Online. It is a science fiction, space-based game and they have a 14 day free trial. So, being the intrepid little cyberspace explorer that I am, I signed up.

I installed the client and started it up. Then there was this clap of thunder. I sat in my chair at my desk, staring in wide-eyed wonder at what I have been dreaming about ever since I started frequenting virtual worlds! The character creation tool in EVE is quite simply mind blowing. You are given so many choices of facial morphs, hair, makeup, body and clothing that I have only seen before in Poser or DAZ Studio. Since then, the game itself has taken a back seat to my playing around with all the different races and bloodlines, morphing away like mad.

These photos are just a few of the ones I came up with. Oh but the bad news (yes there always seems to be bad news) is that you can’t actually “be” the beautiful avatar that you create when starting out. As near as I can tell from searching the internet, EVE plans to come out with an expansion in the future which will enable folks to have “walking around” avatars but it’s not there yet 😦 Well, if they ever do and the avs look like this, I may just have to whip out the plastic and sign up for a full account.


10 thoughts on “The Many Faces of EVE Online

  1. OMG, so awesome. But… wait… whaaaa? You can “design” your avatar… and then not use it???

    I don’t get it!? What do you DO with you unusable avatar? And why be so turbo and then not use??

    And is it just me… or does your EVE avatar indeed “look like you”?

    Also crazy, but apparently Senban Babii entered her straight EOL avatar in a KoinUp contest against “serious” SL/Photoshop artists… and won!

    anyway… guess I’ll go play there sometime soon… is the pay sign-up a one time fee? Or a monthly thing like WoW?

    And, most importantly, does Penny get an EVEvatar? Or are you leaving her to fend for herself in the back alleys of Second Life?

    • Those were exactly the same questions I had. I can only figure that the ability to create amazing “unusable” avatars is some kind of trial balloon. After my trial subscription ended, I received a request to do a survey and I made sure to tell them several times in emphatic terms that if I could actually “be” these wonderful avatars, I’d sign up in a New York minute! The game itself wasn’t all that interesting imho. Being a “disembodied” entity adrift in space sounded way too much like FL 😛

      That is so awesome that Senban had her EOL av recognized! I love her photo. The subscription is monthly if I recall and really not too expensive I suppose. But what it has done is inspire me to learn as much as I can about creating in Poser. Yes, I made a conscious effort to try to model “me” and I am really pleased with how Moni turned out. Now, there is a self-referential statement hehe!

      I know that the whole SL “mesh” issue is a bit controversial, but if a game like EOL can provide tools like that, well enough said.

  2. Oh, and once I figure out Poser, Ms. Pennyroyal will ascend to her rightful place in the pantheon of virtual goddesses (she told me to say that 😉

  3. keep in mind that I’ve actually spent a lot more time with Penny than with you, but yes, as far as I know, it really does “look like you” — which is very cool.

    I think I’ll have some time to play with it on Friday… as long as they have a Freckle tool and a Ponytail Tool, it should work out for me. I guess space warriors don’t really wear flats, do they?

  4. I can’t wait to see your EOL av (and sensible footwear is def recommended in space lol)

    I dunno about the dumb geometric thing. I do have a profile pic on here. I went back to the gravatar site and it shows my EOL photo.

    Let’s see what comes up on this reply.

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