If you want a stunning visual experience, create an account at Meta7 ( and after you get settled in, find your way to the LightShare region. I believe a map search will get it if you can’t find an LM or teleporter. These guys Tom and Ben Meta of Magne Metaverse are doing things with server side Windlight that makes me truly question what the heck that other company has been spending its vast amounts of capital and technical resources on. I have never ever seen anything like this on that grid or anywhere else. Tom invented the LightShare technology and I think that a lot of other companies need to take a good hard look at the customer experience they provide now versus what this technology could deliver.

These photos were taken using the Meta7 viewer which is based on Emerald source and my graphics were set to Ultra which I can almost never do anywhere else except on my local OpenSim without crippling lag. In Meta7, the frame rates were astonishing and I never at any time experienced any lag so the whole experience was quite a treat. I hope you enjoy and go there to experience it first hand.

Be sure to try out all of your favorite Torley Linden or other Windlight sky and water settings. I did that with these images and they truly enhance the scene.

I’m really hoping that many talented machinima creators will check this out and in the future incorporate this technology into their work. These still photos don’t do true justice and one really needs to see the motion to capture the whole effect properly.


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