Alpha Auer is one of the best designers in Second Life. Be sure to visit her shop in Alphaland at


2 thoughts on “alpha.tribe

  1. Monerda, thank you! I saw you on my radar the other night at the shop. You were quite close by, almost in chat range. Unfortunately, I was in the thick of a business meeting and couldn’t even stop long enough to say hello – a most un-neighborly sort of thing to do and I felt really terrible about it! However, I had to very quickly TP Helena to a location (which had to do with what we were actually discussing) and by the time I came back you were already gone…So, do stop by again and hopefully this time I will be all yours…:-)

  2. Oh sorry I missed you alpha! I did chat for a bit with Helena. Yes I will not be a stranger for sure! Although I’ve been spending a lot of time the past couple of days in OpenSim Grid. I must scold Bettina for once again getting me hooked on something wonderful LOL!See you soon. And we all love Black Ammonite!

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